Revitalizing Traditional Worship

Does your church have a commitment to traditional worship but you are finding that people are attending alternate worship services? The answer to that dilemma is not necessarily to start more contemporary services. Traditional worship can continue to be strong, but it will not be worship as we knew it in the 20th century. It will be the best of worship from the ancient church with contemporary relevance to those living in the 21st century. As our culture and world change, so will our worship. Change is inevitable if churches are to grow. Diverse, participatory, dynamic, hopeful, experiential, mystical, authentic, eclectic, relevant, spontaneous, visual, are all words to describe worship in the 21st century.

Dr. Goehring provides new insights into traditional worship and offers fresh ideas for pastors and musicians. He encourages clergy, musicians and worship teams to think creatively in planning worship and to bring “new life” into traditional worship.

Individual consultation with clergy and musicians in addition to seminars for larger groups are available.


Dr. Charles Goehring, 10746 Belmont Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46280 317-574-0416       goehringc@sbcglobal.net